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Above: Plaque seen in Russian art gallery

FOR THE RECORD Most inflatable projects over the years were created with the amazing Pedro Estrellas

other stuff we are involved in NOT TO BE MISSED!….

Musii – Multi-Sensory Interactive Inflatable – Our brand spanking new ground breaking interactive illuminated music making sculpture to be released in 2013. We have just got our CE Mark and are now taking orders.

Designs in Air – bespoke inflatables for all events and public display
designs in

Space Invader update:
This interactive game is available for hire following being improved and expanded…
Electronics pioneer and musician Jnr. Hacksaw created the software for this giant game – here’s what he has to say…
JNR HACKSAW TECH INFO: The system runs on an Intel Atom based PC running Puredata. The patch was developed in record time and encountered many issues along the way namely how to produce the 130 channels of DMX lighting information with software designed for audio/video.
Due to the short deadline we where unable to thoroughly test the software or lighting system and towards the end of the job we found that I would not be able to get on the site due to health and safety regulations. This meant that a remote programming solution had to be set up for the inevitable final tweaking. The upshot of this is that the system can be constantly improved whilst still running and from many miles away. The system is being worked on and will evolve in the next few months. Expect more laser powered traffic cones, more malevolent roadworks, classic sound effects and an electro-breakbeat soundtrack…

JNR’s Blog :

ALSO CHECK OUT Jnr’s groundbreaking interactive music apps for Android phones by searching Jnr.Hacksaw on Android market

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